Saturday 25 January 2014

Loki and Pups

Today Loki decided to visit his puppies, and seemed to quite enjoy them. As you may notice, he is unfortunately now missing most of his fluffy coat. He is still in coat change and needs brushing regularly to keep his fur from matting, and because of the horrible cold I have on top of looking after the puppies, something had to give. Although his long coat was beautiful just after it had been washed, it doesn't really have the texture to stand up properly yet, and tended to flop apart down the back, and stopping his legs getting mucky in the current weather was a constant battle. His pompadour also kept falling down over his eyes, and the other day he ran into a fence that he didn't see, so hopefully now his vision will be better!

Pasha is still in a Continental trim, and her coat is holding up pretty well so far.

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