Tuesday 28 January 2014

Pups at 4 weeks

Pasha's puppies are 4 weeks old today. The pen has been extended (and you can see in the video above one of the boys, Dubh, using the loo area for what it's intended!) to give them more room to run around, and different toys are being added. Some of the pups are starting to grow teeth, and Lavender escaped this morning while I was cleaning, and was at large in the house!

It is also now that the pups are old enough to have visitors, and some people have already come to visit and see their pup, with others coming soon. Inevitably, some of the people who initially had reserved puppies have unfortunately had to drop out because of changes of mind or circumstances, and I currently have the brown (café au lait) boy 'Cacophonix' and one of the three black (blue) girls who have become reavailable.

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