Monday 31 December 2018

Happy Birthday Adhara and In the Damp Midwinter

Happy New Year and happy birthday to Adhara and her siblings, who are 5 today!

Adhara (the one in the middle)

Meanwhile, in the dampest, darkest time of year, all we can really do is wait for spring and the improvement of the weather, and for life on the smallholding to come back from winter mode.

I have been passing the long winter nights by learning to weave.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Alpacas in Winter

Olivia isn't allowed in the feeding pen. When she arrived here she was obese and we've discovered that it's very difficult to keep her in correct condition, so she has to make do with grazing and only very occasional concentrate feeds. The hard work to get her weight down last year has paid off and her cria Mango has been sustaining himself from grazing and what she gives him, and has the opportunity to come in the pen and try the food and hay. Mango will not be weaned until next year, firstly because it probably helps Olivia stay in condition, and secondly because he's not very big, although it's difficult to tell as he was the only one we had last summer and there isn't a cria of similar age to compare him with.