Thursday 16 January 2014

Kikker is Blij

For the first time since the pups were born, I slept in my own bed. Cally, who usually sleeps on the end of the bed, and who has been sulking since I deserted it to kip on the floor in the study, was delighted. The title of this post 'Kikker is Blij' is Dutch and it means 'Frog is Happy'. My mother used to go to Holland to visit my aunt when she lived there, and would bring back with her drinking glasses with a cartoon of a happy frog on them with this phrase. Cally reminded me of them. I still had to set an alarm clock and get up twice in the night to make Pasha sure Pasha fed her pups.

Pup apartheid? (No, I didn't arrange them like this, they did it themselves!)

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