Saturday 4 January 2014


All the pups have again gained weight and are doing well, so I thought I would write about registered names.

Registered names are the 'birth certificate' name that the Kennel Club uses to identify dogs. They always consist of at least two words, and the first word is always the affix of that dog's breeder, unless the dog comes from a breeder who doesn't use an affix. My breeder affix is 'Wywylwynd', so the puppies' names all need to start with this word, but I like the pups' new owner to have some choice over the rest of the name. I also like to have 'themes' to my litters so all the puppies have a similar flavour to their name to show they are from the same litter.

The theme I have chosen for this litter is 'stars' and my original idea was that people might like to pick the names of stars such as Sirius and Altair. However, when the waiting list started to fill up, I found some people had other ideas that fitted with the star theme that were much cooler than the idea I have originally had. Suggestions I have had that I will accept include:

Names of stars, as per my original suggestion.
Names of constellations (but not please 'zodiac' constellations, as they sound like horoscopes, and horoscopes are tacky).
Phrases or idioms to do with stars, for example 'Wywylwynd Wish Upon A Star'.

Any other ideas, please suggest them to me, and have fun!

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