Sunday 24 July 2016

Solitary confinement

Being 5 weeks old, the pups need to be wormed again. Now they are all eating food regularly, it's time to start getting them used to eating alone from a bowl, which is helpful both for getting them accustomed to life with new owners after 8 weeks old to ease the transition, and also to ensure each pup gets the proper amount of food for steady growth. The food has the correct dose of wormer added to it.

It's interesting at this point to note the variations in the puppies when they are separated for the first time:

Tom, Dotty, and Harry immediately ate the food steadily.

Fatty and Sweetie immediately ate the food enthusiastically, but Fatty paused before he had quite finished, looked around, whinged, and then ate the rest.

Dick whinged before noticing there was food, ate, but kept pausing to whinge.

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