Saturday 23 July 2016

Brown poodle puppies 5 weeks old

Hobsey's pups are 5 weeks old today and have met loads of people, including numerous children. The puppies have been discovering lots of interactive toys outside and eating different foods. Hobsey's feeding has been reduced to one feed per day as the pups were enormous and having loose poos, and she was losing condition. Next week, more socialisation experiences.

Poppy and her cria are also doing great and Trident is growing well. Poppy really loves him and takes very good care of him.

I wish the same could be said of Olivia. She does love Trebuchet, but is not as careful as Poppy, and she doesn't seem to be feeding him very well. Yesterday I weighed him in the middle of the day and his weight had come down somewhat from his birth weight the day before. This isn't necessarily a cause for concern in a young animal on its first day of life, but when I weighed him again in the evening he'd lost over a pound. He is getting milk from Olivia because it is there in his mouth after he has been suckling, but either there isn't much of it or it's not coming out very well. I hope Olivia will get better as time goes on, but for now I am supplementing her cria with artificial milk. Which means several times a day I keep having to go out into this horrible field in this vile weather, to catch this obnoxiously fuzzy little thing and plug a bottle into him and watch him guzzle away and make little noises. Which makes me really long for the days when I lived in a city and had a proper job, and I do so miss that wonderful boss who somehow managed to bring out the best in everyone he managed...

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