Wednesday 20 July 2016

Puppy profiles

The puppies have been spending a lot of time outside in the recent good weather. Last night they also tried chicken wings, which was a good opportunity to exercise their jaws, although not much was actually eaten. They have also had their feet and bottoms clipped for the first time, which should make it a bit easier to keep them clean. Tom doesn't seem to recognise his feet now and is determined to kill them.

The characters of the puppies are now starting to become more apparent:

Tom (currently reserved)

Tom is toy-motivated and already showing a strong instinct to bring objects to people. He is a deep conker brown with a square, balanced appearance.

Dick (available)

Dick is lively and interested in people and plays frequently with the other puppies. Like his brothers Tom and Harry, he is deep brown.

Harry (available)

Harry is a cuddly and affectionate boy, not as outgoing as his brothers, but loves to get to know you given the chance. He is deep brown with a delightful expression. Probably the easiest puppy I've ever groomed.

Fatty (reserved)

Fatty is one of this litter's big characters! He is outgoing and calm, taking everything in his stride. He paws at hands and rolls onto his back for chest rubs when playing with a person. He is a lighter brown than his brothers and may ultimately turn café like his father.

Dotty (reserved)

Dotty is another big character! She is outgoing and calm and loves toys and interacting with people. She and her sister are lighter browns who may ultimately turn café like their father.

Sweetie (currently reserved)

Sweetie and her sister Dotty are quite similar, although Sweetie is a little less outgoing. She loves toys and cuddles. She and her sister are lighter browns who may ultimately turn café like their father.

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