Sunday 31 July 2016

Plasma Bolt Launched (and puppies offroading)

We are hoping Trebuchet will start to do better soon. He did exceed his birth weight at one point, but keeps having off days on which he loses weight. He does drink from Olivia but she doesn't seem to be producing anywhere near enough for him. The vets have given him some antibiotics, but unfortunately they were not much help at advising on what he really needed, which was a plasma transfusion to give him antibodies he needed to survive, and did not have much idea about how to do it or where to get the plasma. Fortunately, Elizabeth from whom I acquired the alpacas, suggested to me a gentleman who has much experience in alpacas, and who had plasma, and kindly came around and helped us to give it to the cria.

Happy 3rd birthday to Hobsey yesterday (and her brother Angus)

Hobsey's puppies today all went for a brief car ride offroad. Fatty and Dick (whose new families have decided that their names will be Ragnar and Bentley respectively) coped best, and were alert and slightly whingy on the journey. Harry was quiet and calm. Tom was also quiet and calm and salivated slightly on his leg, and the two girls were both very slobbery. Hopefully with some more practice they will improve.

Disclaimer: Please do not make videos of puppies (or anything else) while driving in any public place.

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