Monday 1 July 2019

Alpaca Fleece

I have a few alpaca fleeces for sale, due to not having enough time to spin them all myself. Most of these are from slightly older animals and are not superfine, but a lot are great for beginners and can still be used to make nice things. I taught myself to spin using Costa's and Olivia's fleeces last year and made a nice blanket and ruana from them. Fleeces are £10-£20 each or can be broken up into smaller amounts for the equivalent cost.

Costa, rose grey, about 30 micron AFD and 3 1/2 inch staple length. Really easy to spin and can be broken up by hand with very little preparation. Also good for carding and blending. I have sold half this fleece already so I have half left available.

Poppy, 5" staple length, mostly white, decent crimp, around 25 micron AFD. Great for combing and dyeing and still has a soft feel nicer than any native sheep breed.

Marius, brown suri alpaca, 8" staple. Older animal so a fairly coarse fleece, but a lot easier for someone who has never spun suri before and wants to try it than starting with really fine suri. It also makes a really strong thread. Suri ideally has to be combed and spun worsted to get the best out of it. This is 2 years' growth and quite a lot of fleece. I am going to use some of it myself but have too much.

Olivia, fawn, about 32 micron AFD with decent crimp and fairly short staple at 3". Great for carding and blending and can also just be broken up by hand and spun with very little prep.

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