Sunday 21 July 2019

The Life of an Animal Breeder

What is the life of an animal breeder like?
Being an animal breeder is going to the emergency vet out of hours because your animal has run into problems giving birth, and emptying out your bank account to pay for surgery she needs. After the surgery, the vet tells you one of the offspring didn't make it and there is a charge to incinerate it, so you say you will take it home and give it a decent burial and save money. The vet brings it out to give you in a towel and doesn't ask for the towel back, and you are grateful for small things because the towel is nicer than any of the towels you already own, and that includes the ones you use for yourself and not just the ones that are for the animals.
(I have never made a profit from any of the animals I breed, and I don't expect to. Please be aware when you buy an animal from a caring breeder, the cost of purchasing the animal is to subsidise the breeding programme so the breeder can conserve the breed, not so the breeder can buy luxuries like new towels)
Indi's puppies are now 1 week old and all doing well. Today's smell is anise.

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