Saturday 22 June 2019


I'm not going to pretend I wouldn't have preferred them to be female, but these two boys are strong and bonny and I'm probably going to do the same matings that produced them again next week. Everyone who breeds animals for any length of time will experience having to deal with births and pregnancies that don't go right and sickly runts where it's often hard to tell when you need to stop and let nature take its course for the sake of the animal as well as your own sanity. It is nice once in a while to have things go so smoothly and be able to sit back and enjoy.

Suri cria is starting to develop his lock structure -- his fleece looked tufty when he was first born.

Fleur is pregnant and looks it, and will likely be the next to give birth, but likely not until the 6th of July or after.

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