Monday 29 February 2016

Poodle collars

I'm happy with the testing my dogs have been doing, so I am now making my rolled leather poodle collars with the special smooth 'no edge' seam available for people to buy. Send me a message by email/facebook/blog message/telephone/post/pigeon etc. if you would like one, prices and information on here. Alternatively you can order them on Etsy although they are slightly more expensive.

Current colours are:

Poppy, red with black stitching
Sunflower, yellow with black
Marigold, yellow with orange
Iris, dusky purple with yellow
Nightshade, dusky purple with pink
Fuchsia, pink with white
Echinacea, pink with burgundy
Woodsorrel, green with purple
Cactus, green with orange

I have found a supplier of the yellow leather in the right shade, so I am hoping to have it soon.

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