Saturday 13 February 2016

More collar stuff

Two new collar colours: 'Poppy' (red with black) and 'Jungle Cactus' (green with orange).

This thing that looks like a Liquorice Allsort is a sample of very thick leather rolled up to see how it would look as a rolled seam:

This is a possible future project to make a very strong collar for poodles who tend to break collars because they are unusually large, or just unusually violent on the lead! It shows quite well how the collars have an entirely circular cross-section with no 'edge' to the seam to chafe the dog's coat. Here it is compared to the seam of the 'Poppy' collar:

So far, the normal collars have been working very well on my own poodles (who are not unusually large, nor particularly violent, apart from perhaps Loki who is normal-sized but muscular and can pull hard when he wants to).

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