Saturday 13 February 2016

Emus Day 6

The emu chicks have only really today started to develop a proper interest in food, and the two more advanced birds are now eating the ratite grower pellets, whereas previously they tended to pick up pieces of food and throw them around. They have been trying fresher kinds of food the past few days, and in particular seem to like apple.

This mat looks grubby, not because emus have poo'd all over it, but because I left the emus in the pen with pot of water and a pot of food, and they threw the food about and managed to kick over the water and the food soaked up the water and got trampled on the floor. Any poos the emus do get scraped off and the mat gets wiped down from time to time. Emu chicks should not have bedding that can be torn up or is made from small pieces such as woodshavings, in case they eat them. When the emus are not exercising and being fed in this pen, they sleep in a warm box lined with a rubber mat and an old hand towel.

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