Thursday 25 February 2016

Pied Piper bags with animal motifs

I'm making available for people to buy my 'Pied Piper' bags. These bags are about 8" x 8 1/2" x 2 1/2". They can comfortably fit a trade paperback or small tablet/ reading device, and have three flat pockets (two in the bag itself and one in the front flap) and by default have a pocket that can fit a mobile phone 2 1/2" wide and two card pockets, but if people want to request custom bags, I'm happy to do more pockets or different sizes, or work out something new for e.g. if you need to carry a medical device like an inhaler.

The bag is made from leather with solid brass fittings. It is entirely handmade, with robust saddle stitching throughout (saddle stitching does not 'run', so if the very strong linen thread does manage to break, the bag will not fall apart). It comes with an adjustable strap so it can be worn either as a shoulder bag or a messenger (cross-body strap) bag. I currently have one bag available featuring a poodle in a Scandinavian trim with a red butterfly, and another bag without a motif, so its new owner can choose what they would like. So far I have done poodles in various trims and an emu, but feel free to request something else.

Price for this bag is £95 GBP.

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