Wednesday 5 February 2014

Washed pups Benna and Pink

Today Benna and Pink got washed. The black/blue girls have all been registered but I did not specify the microchip numbers on the registration as the people who are first on the list for one of them requested a name but have not yet decided which one they would like. The other two people wanting a dark girl have unfortunately both dropped out, so two of the dark girls are available, although I'm not sure exactly which ones at this point.



Pink was funny to groom. She kept licking my hands while I was trying to do her feet, and licking my forehead and trying to bite my forelock. Benna was a fidget and I think the picture of her stacked is on my sister's camera.

My sister and my nephew came to visit, and credit for the following pictures goes to Laura Old (and William Old for posing with the pups) as Laura has a much better camera than me and is more skilled at using it.

Rex (above)




Today the pups also got some tripe chews, as they seem to like chewing the cardboard in their pen. All of them are at various stages of growing teeth. I have found with all my poodles that they are completely disinterested in plastic chews, so natural chews like these edible dried tripe pieces work well for them.

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