Friday 14 February 2014

More car rides

Yesterday the other three puppies went for car rides. Rex and Dubh went with me in the van in the morning to get chicken food. Lavender is the calmest pup, so I decided that she should be the one who would be OK without a car 'buddy'. Unfortunately the van broke down (although it did manage to be convenient and do it in the garage at home) so Lavender had to go in the car. All the pups are coping well with the car rides, although some of them are a bit slobbery afterwards. Videos below:

This morning, Benna escaped and had fun playing with the adult dogs.

I am having to make a long round trip this weekend, so will likely be incommunicado until Sunday night. My husband will be looking after the pups, which should be interesting! I hope the car does not break down. What with the van breaking down and the car having a flat tyre last week, I am not having too much luck with vehicles at the moment.

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