Tuesday 4 February 2014

Pups @ 5 weeks

Pasha's poodle pups are 5 weeks old today, and I have started washing and grooming them. I only managed to do the three boys today because of other commitments (the other commitments being mainly watching puppies and making videos of them). Here they are, with links to Facebook albums where you can find more pictures:

Dubh 'Wywylwynd Dubhe'
Dubh is reserved

Rex ('Wywylwynd Sirius')
Rex is reserved

Cacophonix ('Wywylwynd Betelgeuse')
Cacophonix is available

Today's new toy was some 'jingle balls' -- they're actually cat toys. Funnily enough, the three girls, Fleur (née Midge), Pink, and Benna, who are usually the least interested in toys were the most interested in these particular toys. Lavender who is usually in the middle of everything spends most of this video in bed. To make up for it, she and Benna escaped and ran amok later. Benna is in fact escaping fairly regularly and is still small enough to squeeze through the gate out of the pup room. This morning I got up and opened the front door to let the adult dogs out to relieve themselves, and she turned up with them.

And since the pups are 5 weeks old, it is time for them to be wormed again. Because the pups are now weaned and the wormer goes in the food, it's not a very good idea to just dump the food with the wormer in it in the weaning bowl as it's important to make sure each pup gets a correct dose. It's also good for the pups to practice having food in an individual bowl.

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