Monday 17 February 2014

Storm and Tempest

Saturday morning found the roof blown off a small outbuilding and all but two of the turkeys blown away and killed by predators. This is pretty much the end of the chapter for the turkey venture. Although they are nice birds, we are going to have to rethink our pen arrangement and start again once we have something better, because they are too wild and will not roost in the buildings and insist on going up the trees, and slowly they have been disappearing one by one all the time we have had them. We have not even had one meal of them to show for it, and it is a great annoyance that most of them have probably served as fuel for the local fox scourge. I have offered the remaining two hens to a neighbour who keeps a few other birds as pets in exchange for eggs back later; if they do not have room, I will be selling the turkeys on (if they survive long enough to get them to a poultry auction).

Meanwhile, the pups will be 7 weeks tomorrow and are doing well. Yesterday a huge family with children of all different ages came to meet them, and today they had chicken wings for dinner. Three hours later, the pups were still playing with the remainder of them, and the scene looked like I had disposed of a body!

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