Wednesday 1 February 2017

The Goodyear Bitch

Poor Indi still has two weeks of her pregnancy to go. I sheared the coat off her body and legs today in the hope she will be more comfortable without it. I haven't been able to do her feet or undercarriage yet because she was uncomfortable standing on three legs on the grooming table, so I will try to do those areas with her lying on a bed later. I will wait until the week she is due until I wash her. With only her head and tail to dry and scissor, it should reduce the time she has to spend standing. It's always kind of sad to see them this size because the weight and awkward shape of the pregnancy spoils their posture and makes them look really uncomfortable and undignified. Fingers crossed for the last two weeks to pass safely, and an easy labour, and that Indi will be much more comfortable once her puppies arrive.

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