Wednesday 15 February 2017

Indi pups day 5

Indi's pups have been weighed and had their toenails trimmed so they don't scratch Indi, which is also good for the pups as it's their first experience of being restrained (dogs' toenails need to be trimmed throughout their lives and of course poodles need to learn to calmly accept brushing and clipping etc.) and means I can examine each of them.

Most young mammals' weight stays constant for the first few days, as the neonate's physiology adjusts to life outside, and then starts to increase. The pups have all started to gain weight and are all a similar weight and feel muscular and lithe when they are awake (they feel soft and relaxed and lovely when they are asleep).

Jasper/Ginger 500 g
Cherry 500 g
Fuchsia 525 g
Lilac 500 g
Dylan 500 g
Curly/Red 500 g
Beetle 475 g

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