Monday 20 February 2017

Adhara and Hobsey outdoors

We are making the most of it feeling like spring before 'it' realises it's not spring yet.

Indi's pups are doing well and Hobsey and Adhara have each other to get up to no good together and get taken out for runs and training. While I was busy with Indi and the pups, however, Adhara decided to eat her own ears (I mean she ate the coat off them, not she ate her actual ear leathers) which is disappointing as now they have had to be cut short and it spoils the look of her coat. Hobsey decided to eat the sofa. Probably a combination of lack of supervision in the house and jealousy -- Hobsey keeps trying to see the pups because she remembers having her own, and Adhara I think would just really love a puppy of her very own but does not really understand where pups come from or how it works. The puppies are still too little for the other adult dogs to be allowed to interact with them and Indi does not like the other dogs loitering outside the door to the study where the pups are.

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