Thursday 16 February 2017

Spring is in the air/ Indi puppies day 6

Indi managed to tear herself away from the pups long enough to go for a short run outside. She is looking after the pups well, but needs to exercise more to help her recover from pregnancy.

Nest-cleaning time

It's not possible to tell much about the personalities of the pups at the moment. One of the girls, Cherry, makes me laugh because she seems to be out of sync with the others and tends to be asleep on the pup-warmer while all the others are feeding. She wakes up hungry and starts screaming blue murder until she finds Indi and the others, and then usually continues screaming until she finds a place at the feeding station. Beetle and Lilac have a knack for loosening their ID collars and I keep finding them wearing them as belts or with one foot through. Ginger and Fuchsia were two of the largest at birth and are the most vigorous, and the two boys Dylan and Curly are quite similar, and were a little smaller and less capable at birth but are catching up. Curly I think was the puppy who would have been in the uterine horn next to the two undeveloped dead pups, and did seem a bit disoriented at first and needed help latching on, but has fully overcome this now, so there is no reason why he should not continue to do well.

Boy puppies: (clockwise from top right) Ginger, Dylan, Curly, Beetle

Girl puppies: (Clockwise from right) Cherry, Fuchsia, Lilac

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