Sunday 12 June 2016

Leather stuff

I now have available two new summer-themed collars: Sunflower and Marigold.

I also have some new leads. These are intended for showing dogs, not for everyday use. They are made from kangaroo leather braided around a 65 kg breaking strain Dacron core with an English brass trigger hook. Wild kangaroos in Australia are hunted to control their numbers, and I imported this leather from there. Kangaroo leather is remarkable because it retains its strength even when it is made into very thin strips, which makes it ideal for this use. Currently I have burgundy & gold or jade & bronze.

This next collar is an exclusive item. It's called 'Royal Saffron' and is made in loving memory of Pasha (whose registered name was 'Princess Pasha of Wywylwynd'). I always had things for Pasha in this purple colour, and decided to make this for her daughter Adhara really. I will only allow the owners of Adhara's siblings to buy it.

Royal Saffron

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