Sunday 18 January 2015


My dogs' teeth are one of those things I tend to take for granted, as I do temperament. All of my dogs have correct bites and lovely natures, and it's only when I hear of or meet a dog with a poor temperament or some sort of bite problem that I give it much consideration. Indi is 5 months old and shedding her deciduous teeth and replacing them with her permanent adult teeth. She has a correct scissors bite:

Hobson also has a correct bite, but some of her teeth are a bit stained and misshapen.

She was brought up on rather an odd diet that probably wasn't nutritionally optimum for a growing puppy. Time will tell if this has had any more serious consequences.

Both Indi and Hobson come from an old bloodline and seem to be maturing slowly compared to the other pups I have had. Hobson at now 18 months is yet to have a season, and I recall my other pups started replacing their teeth at 4 months old. A few people have commented about how small Indi is and that she probably won't grow very big, which is fine by me as large, heavy dogs are impractical for sports like agility, but we shall see. At 1 year old Hobson had not quite finished growing and was still obviously immature. I hope she will not grow any bigger now as she is probably now a similar height to her mother, who was 23 1/2 inches at the withers, which is a nice height.


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