Thursday 29 January 2015


In other reasons why 2015 is a miserable year so far, Cally's eye ulcer has recurred. The opthamologist vet thinks it is not entropion as was one of the original suspicions, but that the position of her eye in the socket is not right. If this continues, it is likely Cally's left eye will have to be surgically excised, although the vet agrees that we should see if it clears up by itself again first. As this has already happened three times in the space of the last year, and since there is probably a moderate chance Cally may ultimately lose her eye and her stereo vision, I have decided there is little point continuing in agility with Cally as she is no longer sound, and so she will be retired and I will begin again with Hobson, whom I have already begun to do some rudimentary work with at home and who is showing a natural interest and aptitude. Unfortunately Cally was just about at the point of being ready for competition, but fortunately I have learnt a lot from her that I should be able to transfer to Hobsey.

I will continue doing working trials training with Loki. Little Indi is still too young to start anything beyond basic obedience, which we will practice until she is old enough for me to decide what she would enjoy most.

Candling the eggs set last week suggests the Dorking cockerel is not functioning right. Time will tell if he is just too young or there is a more serious problem. Some of the Maran eggs might be developing, but it's hard to tell as the shells are so dark.

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