Sunday 10 September 2017


The alpacas have been spat off again.

Olivia has ovulated (sounds like a tongue twister).
Poppy, who mated with the same boy we used last year, has ovulated and has pebbledashed Costa. He was rose grey with a white face, and now he's rose grey with a green face.
Bess mated again. Unfortunately as she wasn't receptive a week ago, this means she did ovulate but a pregnancy did not occur, but this is information we need in order to be able to find out where Bess is going wrong and if we can do something about it. If this repeats, Bess will have to sit out the winter and start trying again in spring, as it will by then likely be too late to continue since her pregnancies last over a year and any cria that did result would be born well into the autumn. Fingers crossed that Olivia and Poppy will hold their pregnancies or they will have to do the same.

I have an old treadle-operated sewing machine that I restored a few years ago, and I have been using it to make some halters for the alpacas and some puppy collars.

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