Sunday 25 June 2017


After much deliberation, Loki has left to begin a new life with an active couple and a young child. We will miss him and wish him and his new owners a great new chapter. Here's a video of all six of the dogs on their last walk together, made during the last of the recent hot weather.

Breeders inevitably tend to end up with a lot of dogs, since the objective is to keep dogs you have bred to move the breeding programme forward. Some people choose to keep many dogs either in different rooms in the house or in outbuildings, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as the dogs' welfare needs are all being met, and for some breeds such as hounds who are bred to be gregarious and happy in the company of many this is ideal. As poodles are a very owner-oriented breed, I want each of the dogs I own to be able to spend quality one-to-one time with me, and as numbers increase this gets more difficult, so I feel if a dog not for breeding will adapt well to a new home, and a suitable home comes along, it's best to make use of it and to keep on top of numbers before it becomes an issue. Loki loves the mental stimulation of training, and we completed all the KCGC awards together and did some working trials, although it became clear that Loki wasn't going to have the aptitude to get to competition level. Loki will have lots of one-on-one time with his new owners and be able to pursue sports casually.

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