Friday 23 June 2017

Bess's Friday Fosse Way Fling

Bess has been on a road trip to visit a boy alpaca. We went the Fosse Way to see Roger and Mary Mount (Snowshill) in Gloucestershire. Because Patience is too small to be left at home, she came too, in a partition at the front of the trailer so she and Bess could see each other. Patience's quilt was kindly donated from someone else's chuckaways. Alpacas are very clean and will never poo or wee in a confined space if they can possibly avoid it.

Bess seemed happy with the boy I chose for her. Roger also kindly trimmed Bess's teeth for her, as this was one thing I couldn't do when I was shearing them. Otto came for the ride too and shouted at some Pugs.

And here they are, happy to be home after their adventure.

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