Tuesday 5 April 2016

SAMSON, the Übercollar for huge hairy hooligans

A new heavy-duty version of my poodle collars is now available. It has the same smooth seam and circular cross-section and is made from English brass fittings, French linen thread, and high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. This is a very strong collar developed for large dogs and aggressive pullers, so currently it is only available in thick black leather, but you can of course choose stitching colours (including two colours in alternating stitches).

Whilst it's strong, it's not heavy or lumpy. Here's a picture of Adhara wearing it (it's too big for her, but to give some idea of scale):

There's also a flat version available for short-coated dogs.

Flat version £33 15-20" neck
Rolled version £40 15-19" neck
Other sizes can be arranged, please contact me with your dog's neck circumference measurement.

Guaranteed for the lifetime of your dog against workmanship faults and failure under normal use given reasonable care, which means I give you a refund if your dog does manage to break it.

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