Tuesday 28 May 2013

Ducks and Pasha's knickers

The duck eggs hatched last week, and we now have 8 Cayugas and 9 Silver Appleyards. Three Cayugas died between internal pip and hatch, unfortunately. Highlights below:

Cally was allowed to look at the ducks, because she is an exceptionally gentle and trustworthy dog, and it was her birthday. :-)

Pasha also came into heat yesterday evening. The stud dog I want to use on her is some distance away, and he is aging and his sperm motility is not what it used to be, so I will be using progesterone testing to pinpoint the window that will give him and Pasha the best chance of conceiving. So this takes quite a bit of organising. Pasha's first test will be on Friday. Here are some pictures of her posing with Cally in her stylish knickers. Apologies for gloomy hallway. Outdoors is very wet and no better because of bad weather which will probably last all day.

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