Monday 13 May 2013

Fatty and Runty in the garden

Fatty and Runty got to go out into the garden for a few hours today while I was re-grouting the heatsink on my computer and washing the pots. Runty looks well now but still falls over occasionally and gets stuck on its back. Fatty is improving but at a slower rate, and one of its legs seems to be weaker than the other. It is at least standing with its feet underneath it instead of collapsing back onto its hocks now, even if it keeps falling over. I have still not been able to find out what caused this. I did get in touch with an avian vet, but it would have been extremely expensive just to see them and I did not feel it was worth it for only two geese that seem to be recovering. The closest I could find to the symptoms on the Internet was Derszy's disease, which seems to cause floppiness and lots of dead-in-shell goslings (these were the only two to hatch out of seven fully-developed eggs) but they have not had diarrhoea or discharge from their eyes or nostrils. I suspect whatever it is was infecting the eggs rather than being contracted after they hatched, because we moved here a few months ago and haven't got any other birds on site at the moment, unless it is something transmitted by mice or rats.

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