Monday 20 May 2013

Runty's necropsy

Runty's necropsy: still awaiting histology:

Necropsy findings
General condition:
Body condition 2/5.
Weight: 0.396 kg.

External examination:

Dermal abrasions in the left alular area. NAD.

Internal examination:

Subcutaneous fat absent.

Thyroids R: 5mm, L: 3mm. Both dark red. Parathyroids: R 1mm, L 2mm.

No pericardial effusion. Pericardial fat present. Heart red color. Systole. No cardiomegaly detected. No atherosclerosis.

Mucus in the nasal cavity. Normal air sacs, lungs (floating in water), trachea, and syrinx.
Small amount of clear free fluid in the coelomic cavity.
Liver: left lobe 4.5 cm. Right 5 cm. Brown. Full gall bladder.
Spleen 1 cm pale orange.
Gonads: pair yellow structures (immature testicles).
Kidneys: Urates in the ureters. NAD
Fabricious bursa: Well developed.
Oesophagus (empty), proventriculus (greenish content and grit), ventriculus (normal koilin layer and grit), small intestine (yellow content, NAD), Caecum (filled with brown faeces). Cloaca: green faeces and urates.

Brain and eyes: NAD

-Lungs: NAD.
-Liver: Congestion.
-Spleen: NAD
-Intestine: NAD

Faecal test: No parasitic forms detected.

Samples collected:
-Bacteriology from liver and faeces.
-Histopathology samples in formalin: Major heart blood vessels, apex of the heart, parathyroids, thyroids, lung, liver, small intestine, pancreas and duodenum, large intestine, caecum, Fabricius bursa, trachea, testicles, kidney, brain, and eyes.
-Histopathology samples in spirit: Lung, liver, and intestine.

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