Thursday 9 May 2013

Geese again

No update for a few days because we had some lovely weather. Only a few days ago, we were eating dinner in the garden and enjoying the warm, still evening. Now the weather has turned foul and it looks like the garden has been vandalised by hooligans. The plastic garden furniture has been overturned by the wind, and the magnolia petals have all been ripped off the tree.

About a week ago, both of my geese became ill and I brought them back into the house. I do not know what is wrong with them, and the vet was not able to work it out from the symptoms. I am still awaiting faecal analysis on a poo I sent to a laboratory to try to find out what it is. The geese seem to be getting better slowly. Runty is active but can't get up if it falls over, and Fatty is alert but isn't standing and walking properly, hence it is tied to a 'safety rope in the video. I am hoping to get them back out in the shed tomorrow because the study doesn't smell very pleasant. I also hope I will get the results of the poo analysis back soon, as I don't want whatever has caused this to spread to the duck eggs in the incubator.

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