Monday 10 June 2019

Bess's Pregnancy and Spam

Recently I've heard from several people that email replies I sent to them ended up in their 'spam' folder, and a reply to an email I sent to someone arrived in my own spam folder. This raises suspicions as I've had several enquiries through the contact form of my website recently which I replied to and heard nothing more from. I usually reply to all sensible enquiries within a day or so, so please check your spam box after sending a message, and if you've not heard anything within a reasonable time, please feel free to use the facebook page or the phone (just leave a message saying what the call is about as it automatically saves the number).

Today is two years since Bess last had a cria. She has been pregnant now for over a year and seems to be pretty uncomfortable with it. I'm hoping she will give birth soon.

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