Friday 6 October 2017

The Better Part of Autumn

It was a beautiful autumn day, but like any day in autumn it was benighted by rotting fruits. Although all the dogs like to sample the rotting fruits, Hobsey and Saffi it seems like to make a career of it, which is why they're both wearing muzzles in this video.

Adhara has recently lost her lovely fluffy coat, which happened for several reasons, mainly Saffi's horrible puppy coat and the work it entails and me doing something to my wrist. I don't know what is wrong with it, but the earliest GP appointment available is in 2 weeks time, and they will probably just tell me to go away and enjoy my middle age, like they usually do. I made a pig's arse of her new haircut, which I shall also blame on my arm, but hopefully it will look better when it's grown a bit. I am hoping Adhara will begin competing in agility next year. It did not happen this year because of general disorganisation along with several things cropping up.

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