Tuesday 17 October 2017

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Today the heucheras and the Amelanchier moved home, along with a few other bits and pieces.

The drive in autumn

Serious garden work and planting always entails trips back and forth from the alpaca paddocks to acquire paca poo to add to the soil. Hence this is an alpaca blog post, for the sake of avoiding having two gardening posts in a row for the people who come here to read about animals.

Usually, alpacas defecate in one or a few places about their environment. Olivia is still restricted to a turkey pen as she gradually loses weight, which makes her manure very conveniently accessible, but I had already used it this morning. So I went down to the salad bowl where the dams with crias are.

Most of this grazing is still very long, and although they have grazed the edges and a strange spot in the centre, they hadn't poo'd there, and I wandered round and round with a wheelbarrow but could not find any! Rather than following them about for an hour or so until one of them needed the toilet, I went to the other paddock where the boys are.

Trident and Costa spend their time engaged in serious manly pursuits, such as horseplay, neck-wrestling, and humping each other. They don't live with the females. The lack of female company seems to have resulted in a loss of standards inherent to the disgusting bachelor lifestyle, because as it turns out, they don't appear to have be using certain areas for toilets at all, and there was poo all over the paddock like they'd just done it wherever they happened to be standing. Some time later, there was enough paca poo to go on the garden.

I can't move any more plants today, as I need to wait for my fertiliser supply to regenerate.

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