Thursday 12 January 2017


Indi is pregnant and we look forward to the arrival of her puppies around the 15th February!

Typical winter photograph of black poodle on dismal day.
If you are interested in an Indi pup, please get in touch. I do have a policy of no visitors from the birth of the puppies until they are 4 weeks old, for biosecurity and to give the new mother privacy and safety to concentrate on caring for her pups when they need her most. Interested people are welcome to visit during pregnancy to get to know Indi, and to meet the pups once they are 4 weeks old. To give you a place on the waiting list, I need to have met you and have your completed questionnaire (downloadable from the puppies page of the website) that helps me to match you with a puppy best suited for you.

Here is a webpage where information about Indi's pregnancy will be posted, currently under construction.

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