Friday 2 September 2016

Twill and Chevron leather leads

The new Twill and Chevron leads are now available. Both these leads feature an attractive woven strap and are made from high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. The weave on the strap gives it an elastic quality, and this gives the lead a natural shock-absorbing capability so it is gentle on your dog and you!

Twill lead is designed for moderate-to-small dogs who don't pull too hard. It's made from the same Italian vegetable-tanned leather as the poodle collars and can be made to coordinate with them with a choice of two leather colours and many stitching colours in French linen thread. It's fitted with an English brass trigger hook and rivets and has a 1/2" hand strap.

After designing this lead to match with the poodle collars, a customer asked if I could make a collar with the same twill weave pattern on to match with the lead(!) Hence I can also make this twill collar in any colour combination I have should anyone else want one.

Chevron lead is for bigger dogs and dogs who pull. It features strong black leather and a 1" wide hand strap to distribute the force when your dog pulls so your fingers don't get hurt. It can be made to coordinate with the poodle and Samson collars with your choice of colour for the interweave, handle lining, and stitching.

As worn by Indi

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