Tuesday 13 September 2016

Summer's end

Summer is coming to an end, the harvest is in, and all that can really be done is enjoy the remainder of the good weather until it's gone until next spring. The pacas have been moved down to their new grazing (the 'salad bowl') as it needs grazing down before winter.

The bitches went to the beach for an afternoon:

Pictures of Odette, Odile, and Siegfried the emus.

(As one person has already astutely noticed, my poodles are wearing their leather collars to play in the sea. I let my poodles do 'extreme' things in their collars to test their limits and so I can have some idea of what's fixable and how and what isn't, and I don't recommend dogs wear leather collars to play in water, particularly salt water as it's extremely corrosive and will damage the leather and reduce its lifespan.)

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