Thursday 31 December 2015

Happy birthday to the 2013 'Stars' litter

Happy 2nd birthday to the 2013 'Stars' litter!

Adhara my favourite is back home with me and getting into the routine here and making friends with the other dogs. We will be starting agility together in the New Year.

Dubh and his owners and their other dogs recently moved to a new house in the country. Dubh loves to visit the horses every morning!

Rana (I don't have an up-to-date picture of her at the moment) enjoys obedience with her owners and has given a new lease of life to their elderly German Shepherd, with the two having become firm friends.

Theo (right) is a happy and athletic boy who continues to bring joy to his owners.

Leisha was the naughtiest puppy in the litter, and was constantly escaping. She still is naughty and can open doors! She does agility and obedience with her owner to occupy her mind!

Fleur has matured into a stunning poodle with a gorgeous expression. She was a little character with lots of funny mannerisms and still is.

Zo (I would know this face anywhere), my 'Royal Male Delivery' because he was born in front of the postman, is 'quite the best dog ever' according to his owners!

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