Wednesday 19 August 2015

Heritage turkey poults for sale

Up until the end of the year, I now have heritage turkey poults for sale, mainly bronze and red-bronze, but also some more unusual colours not seen often including proven breeding stock I am looking to sell on as I have new birds I have bred this year to continue my programme. I can offer unrelated starter groups for those wishing to breed or birds to grow on for the table or simply as ornamental pets for those who want to enjoy turkey eggs through spring and summer. Prices start at £12 for young unsexed birds a few weeks old and off heat.

Heritage turkeys are hardy and easy to care for. They are able to fly and mate naturally unlike the commercial birds, and produce a good-sized carcass that on even a small hen should make 8 decent meals and has an even distribution of flavourful meat. Because they do fly, unless you have a covered run I recommend trimming the primary feathers on one wing, and if this is done a simple fence about 4ft in height will contain them. At night they need to be shut away in a shed with perches for them to roost. Anyone who would like more advice or information about heritage turkeys is welcome to get in touch.

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