Sunday 30 August 2015

Alpaca update

Today Di and the stud alpacas visited again. None of the alpacas wanted to mate with the boys.

This suggests the alpacas have ovulated, and hopefully are pregnant. :-)

If any of the alpacas are not pregnant, they will have to wait until spring to be mated again as their gestation period is almost a year, and I would not want the cria to be born in autumn -- it's not good for the mothers, who need to have good grazing in order to make good milk for their cria, it's not good for the cria to be small when it is cold and wet, and it's not good for me to have to keep going out in the dark as the nights are drawing in to check on soggy cria covered in mud!

They are wearing their halters because I took them for a walk while we were waiting.

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