Tuesday 2 December 2014

Gadding about

Today I took Pasha to the vet for her eye examination, which she passed. I also took Indi along for socialisation and she enjoyed meeting the opthamologist and the other staff. Afterwards we went to the pet food shop. A man who works there has a long pigtail down to his waist, which Indi thought was very exciting!

Meanwhile, Hobson has been put into a Continental cut. Although I love the Scandinavian/Modern type trims, Hobson's coat is extremely thick and the time it takes to dry after washing is just getting longer and longer, and this time it took 3 1/2 hours. As she is in coat change, she needs washing more often. The time of year is also horrendous, since not only are there precious few hours of good daylight to dry and trim dogs in, but everything is wet, and a run in the grass makes legs soggy, and Hobson's coat never dries properly because it's so thick, so her legs end up smelly. Hopefully like this she can still be nice and fluffy without it being so much work.

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