Wednesday 24 December 2014

Available birds for spring 2015

I have available the following birds:

Two Khaki Campbell ducks. These are THE laying duck to have. Born in late 2014 and should be coming into lay soon. Nice little ducks, just surplus to my breeding programme. £15 each -- can go together or separately to add to an existing flock.

Pair (a stag and a hen) of pied (Crollwitzer) turkeys from separate sources so unrelated breeding pair. Again good breeding stock and too nice to eat, just surplus to my requirements. £40 for the pair.

Pair (duck and drake) of Silver Appleyards. This is a breed that does not always breed true in terms of colouration, and these ducks are not quite the correct colour, but will still make nice garden pets for someone looking for a source of eggs and slug control! Born 2013. £10 for the pair.

All birds have been hatched and ethically reared here and have daily access to open pasture and water baths (in the case of ducks).

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