Saturday 9 November 2019

Indi's Retirement

Indi's last litter in July was always intended to be her final one. Indi loves everyone, loves puppies, but she's a very unassertive dog and some of my other dogs tend to pick on her a bit. Indi is the kind of dog who gets pushed to the bottom of the pile living in a house with multiple dogs, and would do better in a quieter environment as either an only dog or with one other calm and quiet dog. An opportunity became available for Indi to go to a new home that had everything she needs to thrive, and so Indi has now gone to live with a new family comprising two self-employed adults and an elderly toy poodle, and is doing well there.

We will miss Indi, but she has done her bit for the breed and deserves a peaceful retirement. We have her two daughters Saffi and Cally II, and two of her sons are co-owned and may be used for breeding in future.

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