Tuesday 26 March 2019

Hobsey and the Cheese

The Brown Bros were intended to be Hobsey's final litter, but as they turned out all to be boys, I haven't ruled out the possibility of breeding her again as a last attempt to get a daughter from her, assuming all is well, and critically that I can find a dog I want to use on her. Hobsey loves having pups, and it's difficult to get her to go for a walk because she'd rather go and visit them.

About a week ago, I washed Hobsey and realised there was quite a big lump between two of her mammary glands. She wasn't bothered by it, and I'd already started to reduce the meals she provided to the pups as they were eating their food well, so I thought perhaps something had got blocked and hoped this would go away once the pups were fully weaned and she stopped lactating. She's stopped producing milk now, but yesterday the lump was still there, so I went to the vet concerned it might be something sinister, in which case she would have to be spayed and any possibility of having more pups would have been decided for me. Fortunately the vet drained the lump and as it turned out it was full of old brown milk, and something had got blocked. Hobsey will now have a good long rest while I decide if I will let her have any more pups. If she does have pups again, it will likely not be until early 2021. The litter I hope to have next will be from Indi.

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