Sunday 1 April 2018

Pandora is a Meathead

I should really stop making silly blog posts on the 1st of April. Hobsey of course doesn't have a puppy. She last had some in 2016 and will hopefully have some later this year, and I didn't really have sheep farmers and three unwise men turning up on my property. Two real puppies, however, have just escaped and been at large in the house. Pandora and Paris have knocked over the bin and Pandora has apparently put her head in an empty dog food tin, because her head is all greasy and she smells all meaty! It's too dark to take pictures of them now, but Pandora will probably get washed tomorrow and I'll put pictures of her being fluffy in the blog to make up for playing nasty tricks on the people waiting for a Hobsey puppy!
(Paris is really called Balthasar, but Pandora and Balthasar escaped did not sound as funny)

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