Friday 14 July 2017

Fleur the Paca

Poppy's cria Fleur is out and about. Her weight dropped slightly overnight, which is to be expected, but has stayed over 17 pounds and she seems to be feeding properly, despite her mother's gross udder anatomy. Poppy was showing mammary development more than a month before she gave birth, and while trying not to be too vulgar or too medical, the relevant parts seem to be rather larger than the cria's mouth.

Patience and Fleur don't seem to know what to make of each other. Poppy is quite protective of her cria (except for this morning when she ran to the corral to get her breakfast, and forgot Fleur asleep in the field, and then threw a wobbly because I weighed the cria while she was shut in) and Poppy doesn't like it much when Patience runs and pronks near Fleur, or when Fleur runs away from Poppy towards anything else, which leads to episodes of Fleur running around the field with Poppy chasing after her and desperately trying to keep herself between Fleur and anything Poppy thinks might be dangerous or play too roughly.

Other people get to have boobs for lunch too?

Will you be my friend?

If I pretend to ignore you, then will you like me?

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